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Creating Dynamic Distribution Groups

Ive been asked to create a Distribution Group based on Users City Value.  The following Powershell commands create a example Office based group. Once Powershell for On-premises or Office 365 shell has been started.  Enter the following command changing as required: [crayon-5ab50fdb81a3c914862585/] To enable the Mail tip use this additional command: [crayon-5ab50fdb81a48395707925/] The following command will test and display which users will receive the email from …

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Microsoft Office 365 for Professionals and Small Business – without moving to Microsoft domain registrar

I’ve setup many accounts for Office 365 using the Enterprise plans and found the verify/add domain wizard pretty straight forward. You can manage your own DNS records on your on registrar.  However, setting up for Professionals and Small Businesses Plans its a little more basic, with the wizard telling your to move to Microsoft DNS registrar.  Now, that to me moves to …

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