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All the Microsoft Exchange Version Numbers and Download Location

Exchange Server 2013

Being able to look up and download the version of Exchange required for Exchange Labs for Customers has always been a bit a lengthly process. Today I found website with all the version numbers and links to the Download locations on the Microsoft website. The site is:  

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Domino Lotus Notes – Edit Any Field

Overview There are times where field in a database needs to be changed without a Form.  This following code can be used in a smarticon on the toolbar to allow fields to edited or appended to a form. Installation In the following example – Select: File – Preferences – Toolbar – Customise.  Select ‘Universal’ as the toolbar to add the …

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GroupWise User Mailbox Audit of Proxy Rights/Shared Folders/Archive Locations

Overview The tool is used to audit the Shared Folders, Proxy Access and Archive Path being used by users in a GroupWise System.  The tool written in Visual Basic Scripting (VBS).  It is safe for quick and easy deployment in mixed Novell/Microsoft environment. The auditing tool has been designed to only activate when a GroupWise client is active and will …

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Decrypt of Mail Items in a User’s Lotus Notes Mailbox via Agent

Creating a agent in the mail template allows the removal of the encryption status (Decrypt of Mail Items) from the all the documents in the user’s mailbox.  This allows the mailbox to be accessed on mailbox migration via another Notes ID. In the mail template create a view called “Encrypted” with the following view selection formula: SELECT (Form = “Memo” …

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Creating Dynamic Distribution Groups

Ive been asked to create a Distribution Group based on Users City Value.  The following Powershell commands create a example Office based group. Once Powershell for On-premises or Office 365 shell has been started.  Enter the following command changing as required: [crayon-5edaf824e5bec819647499/] To enable the Mail tip use this additional command: [crayon-5edaf824e5bf8368676424/] The following command will test and display which users will receive the email from …

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Powershell Get-Counters in a usable form from CookedValue

Sometime ago now I was given the challenge to get the value out of a get-counter in a Powershell, I thought the answer snippet should be posted for future reference. The following Powershell command gives a value buried with result information. [crayon-5edaf824e7f6f334495798/] The result is given: [crayon-5edaf824e7f7a927812060/] To get the true value to be used in other powershell code we …

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Changing the SA password in SQL Express 2005

Sometimes when you install SQL Express 2005 as a component of another product, that application installation will configure the environment, effectively restricting your access to the SQL database. This is primarily due to the application setting the SA password and not telling you what it is. With SQL Express 2005, the new command line is sqlcmd, which supposedly replaces osql. …

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Removing Facetime from mac dock after rebooting

Just go to your hard drive –> library –> preferences and open the file “” with text editor, then remove these:   <dict> <key>after</key> <string>begin</string> <key>path</key> <string>/Applications/Mission</string> </dict>   AND   <dict> <key>after</key> <string>/Applications/</string> <key>path</key> <string>/Applications/</string> </dict>   This is if you have problems with both Mission Control and Facetime, if not just remove the one you want to …

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Microsoft Office 365 for Professionals and Small Business – without moving to Microsoft domain registrar

I’ve setup many accounts for Office 365 using the Enterprise plans and found the verify/add domain wizard pretty straight forward. You can manage your own DNS records on your on registrar.  However, setting up for Professionals and Small Businesses Plans its a little more basic, with the wizard telling your to move to Microsoft DNS registrar.  Now, that to me moves to …

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